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Lina Rickardsson, the designer and founder behind Pappelina, started out weaving linen rugs in her basement. She soon found another way and different material to use. Traditional Swedish rugs are weaved in old jacquard looms, and that's exactly what Lina used but forsaking traditional material like wool and cloth...for plastic! Her funky rugs soon proved to be a big hit with the Swedish people, attracted by the marriage of an old craftsmanship with a modern material and with a twist.

The plastic rug is now a modern classic in Sweden and is today sold all over the world in many countries. Pappelina rugs are all made in Sweden and the plastic that are used is from PVC, the same material as the interior trim in a Volvo! A Pappelina plastic rug is machine washable and intended first and foremost for indoor use, but can also be used outdoor. The brand name Pappelina is a wordplay of “paper”, “linen” and “Linaˮ.

"Everything we do, we do by hand. The original plastic rug, crafted with love and pride in Sweden. We like what we do – our hope is that you do too."