Jupiter MOVA 4.5" Globe

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Jupiter MOVA 4.5" Globe

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MOVA minis, petite versions of the MOVA Glove, rotate on their own in any ambient light at a slightly faster pace than their larger counterparts.  The globe comes with an acrylic three prong stand.  If you are looking for a small gift that makes a big impact, the MOVA Mini is your best bet.

The MOVA Globe is the world's most advanced globe. With its stunning design and unique technology, it is the pinnacle of luxury decor. Guided by earth's magnetic field & powered by discreet high-tech solar panels, MOVA is the only globe that requires no energy source but light to turn.

MOVA Globes are perpetually rotating spheres meant to capture the imagination. Each sphere spins freely on a table, base or in the palm of your hand. MOVA products come in many different designs, including traditional world maps, hand-picked artists' work, starry constellations and planets. They can be enjoyed on a variety of bases from wood, crystal and acrylic. Anything you can dream can be brought to life with MOVA.