Retired - Country Lane Forestville, oil on canvas.

Kathleen Breatore Bratt

"Retired - Country Lane Forestville"

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Oil on canvas, 14x11” - Espresso Wood Frame. Painting color may differ slightly from photo.

About the artist: Kathleen Breatore Bratt

Growing up in southern California's Pasadena area, Kathleen's influences were the landscapes of early California artists, Franz Bischoff, William Wendt and the Arts and Crafts movement. The smokey blue eucalyptus, tangerine sunsets and ochre hillsides became a part of her soul and eventual expression in art.

With a background of thirty years as a professional photographer, her sepia toned hand painted photographs were considered fine art. When digital photography diminished her interest and dark room skills were no longer needed, she returned to art classes at Napa Valley College to rekindle her passion in art. It was a natural progression having painted in oil on photographic paper to oil painting on canvas. In 2005 she seriously began study with a long list of master painters: Kevin Courter, Camille Przewodek, Brent Jensen, Elio Camacho, Paul Youngman, Brooks Anderson and Casey Klahn among others. In 2008 Kathleen assisted Carlo Marchiori in painting the Calistoga, Bank of America alley which took three months. A Calistoga resident for 20 years, painting mostly plein air, mostly Napa Valley.

Her paintings have a nostalgic but contemporary quality with warm earth toned base beneath layers of saturated color, a tonalist first, then a colorist or visa versa.